Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hud Home Check List

HUD Homes listed for sale are always vacant.  
Don't hesitate to look around the house and look in the windows.  
You will know within minutes if this house is right for you.

A quick little list to keep handy.


Write Down One Item Your Remember  IE  Big Tree in Front Yard, Barking Dog:  _________________
e Poor_

___Square footage
___Number of bedrooms
___Number of baths
___Practicality of floorplan
___Interior walls condition
___Closet/storage space
___Cable TV
___Basement: dampness or odors
___Exterior appearance, condition
___Lawn/yard space
___Patio or deck
___Energy efficiency
___Screens, storm windows
___Roof: age and condition
___Appearance/condition of nearby
___Noise Level
___Barking DogsTHE
 ___Police Reports_
___School Locations
___Quality of teachers
___Achievement test scores
___Busing distance: Good Average Poor_
___Work Commute Time
___Shopping Access
___Child Care Access

Make Several copies of your list, more than likely you will be visiting several homes and after 2 or 3 houses they start blending together.

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