Friday, June 8, 2012

What is A HUD Home?

Really?  Home is Home....does it really matter who owns it?   When we hear Hud Home or Bank Owned or VA Home, what does it really mean?   90% of the foreclosure hype on the internet is garbage.   You know this, however, we want to pursue our burning desire to find the best house at the best price, no matter how confusing or frustrating it might be.   I hope my blog can help, Please bookmark, we are planning out some amazing tools that will cut through the crap and lead you to some fun and meaningful tips, so you can own your own home before the market heats up.   

Don't Worry About Being In a Hurry.

Prices are going to continue to drop, some say by 20%, As shadow inventory hits the market we will be having a lot of fun buying houses, I like Hud Houses.  And btw, it does matter who owns the house.

Not in a big way, but in small ways.  By learning the little known facts about HUD Homes you will be a successful home owner.  This is why I started this blog, to give you a competitive edge and to support you to being in the right place at the right time with a winning bid that makes $ense.  I believe anybody can own a home if you are committed to it.  It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 75, have a discharged bankruptcy or foreclosure.   With good information, a burning desire and happy thoughts, you will make it happen.

A HUD HOME is....

HUD = Housing and Urban Development;    HOME =  Single Family Residents and Muti-Family Units (under 4 units) that are sold to the owner occupants and investors  through a sealed bidding process. These properties were originally purchased using a FHA insured loan. The property was foreclosed by the lending bank and then purchased by the government and transferred to  Real Estate Asset Managers to represent the government in selling the property.  Check out the list and drive by today.

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